Geany (Application)

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Geany preferences

Interface -> Interface -> Show sidebar -> Show symbol list -> Left
Interface -> Notebook tabs -> Editor -> Right
Editor -> Features -> Newline strips trailing spaces
Editor -> Indentation -> Type -> Spaces
Editor -> Display -> Show white space
Files -> Saving files -> Ensure new line at file end
Files -> Saving files -> Ensure consistent line endings
Files -> Saving files -> Strip trailing spaces and tabs
Files -> Saving files -> Replace tabs by space

Geany themes

- download

- extract 'colorschemes' directory into '~/.config/geany'

- create a new file with Geany

- go in 'View->Editor' submenu and choose your theme!

Geany custom (build) commands

Run Terminal

uxterm -e "cd \"%d\" && bash"

Run diff editor

diffuse "%f"


git difftool "%f" # configure your git difftool like here

Format commands


tidy -m -i -w 500 --quiet yes --show-warnings no --show-body-only auto --output-xhtml yes --tidy-mark no --indent-spaces 4 "%f"

C++ / Javascript

astyle --suffix=none --style=ansi --indent=spaces "%f"

Python style and code check

  • Command:
echo "======  pep8  ======"; pep8 "%f"; echo "======  pyflakes  ======"; pyflakes "%f";
  • Errors regex:
([^:]+):([0-9]+):([0-9:]+)? .*