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Xfce4 as desktop environment

Install Xfce4

apt-get install task-xfce-desktop # or apt-get install xfce4-* for less dependencies, or apt-get install xfce4-goodies for all packages

Configure Xfce4 as default env

  • A graphic login managers like slim (or xdm, lightdm, etc) can be used. They will start your session as defined in ~/.xsession file.

So, to start xfce4 as default desktop environment:

echo "exec ssh-agent startxfce4" > ~/.xsession  
chmod 750 ~/.xsession

Xfce4 autostart programs

Use 'Settings -> Session and Startup' to add an ~/.autostart.sh startup script

cat << EOF > ~/.autostart.sh 

setxkbmap br,it # set default keyboard layout as 'br', secondary 'it'
nice -3 gkrellm --geometry +0+0 & # run gkrellm as monitor util
nice -3 xcompmgr -n -C & # run xcompmgr as transparent desktop util
nice -3 cairo-dock & # run cairo-dock as additional panel
nice -3 /home/shared/opt/bin/dropbox.sh & # run dropbox 

# End
chmod 750 ~/.autostart.sh

Power button suspend

See PowerManager

Dual monitor

See DualMonitor

Setup at startup

Add the follow in the top of ~/.autostart.sh startup script

.screenlayout/dual.sh # set dual monitor layout